Golf is the best sport for house prices, with homes near courses costing an average of $522,595, new research from the UK has found.

That figure makes properties neighboring the fairway more expensive than homes next to any other type of sporting venue, and nearly double the British national average of $272,803.

Following golf, horse racing is next past the post thanks to asking prices of properties neighboring racecourses of $450,936.

The research by online estate agent, Hatched, ranked the top 20 stadiums for the UK’s most attended sports – golf, horse racing, football, cricket, rugby union and rugby league – for the average house prices of their postcodes.

The full findings of Hatched’s research can be viewed in an interactive table here, which can be filtered on sport, city, county, stadium capacity and home team’s playing division.

There are currently 19 new under contracts reported for October 2016, a drop of just 13% from this time last year. There is not much inventory in this area now, but there are buyers looking for that new home. The List Price to Sold Price ratio of 96.8% shows homes are priced well, very little fluctuation.  The lower numbers of homes are the market compared with other areas is the result of 2 factors. This area is considerably smaller compared with Ellicott city, and once people move into this area, they tend to stay. This leaves buyers with a smaller selection of homes to choose from, which gives sellers the opportunity to get asking price for their homes.

Ultimately we expect these numbers to remain stable, and for those buyers moving into this area, your investment is safe here. As this area grows in popularity, so will home prices. For Sellers, this year is a big year for real estate. If you’ve been contemplating putting your home on the market, take advantage of this years amazing real estate reports, it’s a healthy market for all.